Any behavior, thought or feeling that is overwhelming, maladaptive, destructive or anti-social. Such challenges are frequently normal reactions to abnormal situations.


Trauma-focused interventions directed toward decreasing or eliminating stressors in the self, the environment or both.


A measurable return of abilities, skills, and functioning determined by initial intervention goals.

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At BehavMed Psychological Services we believe that an important goal of therapy is the client's independence. Independence to pursue, at their own speed, the nature and content of the problem(s) that resulted in them seeking our assistance. Collaboratively, through the use of core "helper dimensions" (accurate empathy, respect for the client, genuineness, and concreteness) we seek in a nonjudgemental manner to encourage our clients to engage in the core "helpee dimensions" of exploration, understanding, and action. At all times, in all interactions, we acknowledge that we "will be an expert on a process, not on the nature and content of a particular person's problems" (Martin, 1983). Through the use of traditional, contemporary, and trauma-informed psychological theories and practices we are available to consult no matter what concerns you have - there is always a better way.


Experience, Integrity, Knowledge, Professional

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Dr. Robert Smith

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Smith, a doctor who practices clinical psychology, has been a helping professional for over four decades: as a chaplain, a professional counselor, and as a psychologist for over thirty-five years. He has an earned doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Manitoba and post-doctoral training in forensic psychology, suicidology, and clinical psychopharmacology. He has treated patients and supervised mental health professionals in institutional and community settings in Canada and the United States. Additionally, he has taught psychology, criminology, and computer science courses at institutions of higher learning in Canada and the United States. He has demonstrated expertise in mental health program development, delivery, and administration. Additionally, he has testified as an expert witness in American and Canadian courts. He frequently conducts workshops and conference presentations.

Dr. Smith has been licensed/registered as a Psychologist in American and Canadian jurisdictions, currently holding active practice registrations in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. He is available for in-person consultation at his office in Drumheller, Alberta, and e-Therapy. He has expertise working with clients with problems in living, mental health problems, and severe mental illness. He works primarily within a cognitive-behavioral frame; however, he adapts his intervention style to the needs and preferences of the client. He has specific interest in the areas of addiction, suicide, and trauma.

Dr. Smith's approach to intervention is informed by a personal philosophy best described as existential/humanistic. He believes individuals have the potential to change problematic behavior patterns, adapt to life's stressors, and achieve emotionally healthy lives. Within this frame, he aspires in all relationships to be open, honest, non-judgemental, and transparent. Responsive to the needs of individuals, he treats all with respect, kindness, and fairness.

Client Focused, Evidence Based, Trauma Informed - Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention


Assessment - PsychoSocial

An evaluation designed to identify psychological, environmental, and social factors that might explain areas of vulnerability and/or risk for mental health problems.

Assessment - Personality

Admnistration, scoring, and interpretation of empirically supported measures of personality traits and styles to refince clinical diagnosis; structure and inform psychological interventions; and, increase the accuracy of behavioral prediction.

Assessment - Cogntive

Evaluation of important areas of brain function: memory, concentration, processing speed, and reasoning capabilities to determine an individual's general thinking and reasoning abilities.

Assessment - Neuropsychological

Evaluation of the extent of skill impairment and to attempt to detemine the area of brain functioning which has been damaged following brain injury or neurological illness.


The process ofi dentifying and determing the nature of a mental health disorder/disease by its signs and symptoms, through the use of assessment techniques, and other evidence.

Intervention - Cognitive Behavioral

A psycho-social intervention that aims to improve mental health by challenging and changing unhelpful cognitve distortions and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and the development of coping strategies that target solving current problems.

Intervention = Behavior Therapy

A form of psychotherapy that applies the principles of learning to eliminate symptoms and modify ineffective or maladaptive patterns of behavior. Therapy focuses on the behavior itself and the contingences and enviromental factors that reinforce it, rather than exploaration of the underlying psychological cause of the behavior.

Intervention - Existential Psychotherapy

A form of psychotherapy that deals with the here and now of the patient's total situation. It empasizes the exploration and development of meaning in life, focues emotional experiences and decision making, and stresses a person's responsibility for his or her own existence.

Behavioral Medicine

The clinical application of behavioral theories and methods to the prevention and treatment of medical and psychological disorders, such as chronic illness, lifestyle issues (e.g., tobacco, drugs, alcohol, obesity etc.) somatoform disorders and the like. epicurei indoctum ne. Cu impetus epicurei indoctum ne. Ea cum omittam tacimates erroribus.

Primary Care Consultation

A a member of your multi-disciplinary health team, we consult with your primary care provideer to assist with emotional and psychological conditions and issues such as adjustment to chronic illness, depression, anxiety, addictions, chronic stress or lack of adherence to medication.

Consultation and Referral

Free 30 minute consultation and referral if we are unable to meet your needs,


Fees are based on the Psychological Association of Alberta Guidelines. A sliding scale is available. Credit Cards and Interac accepted for payment. Payment for services is expected in advance of service delivery unless other arrangements were previously approved..

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  • Office Hours: 10am - 6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Other times by appointment.